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Pioneering Creative Company Offering Every Service to Uplift Digital Media Industry

IMAGE group is a finest creative company with passionate minds that spread creative intelligence in digital media through its diverse ventures. From spreading creative knowledge in school children, IMAGE offers graduation degrees for young minds; and extends skill development programs for college students, juvenile minds ready for employment and for corporate employees aspiring to climb the career ladder. Along with training services, IMAGE is also involved in digital media content development.


  • Finest Journey of 2 Decades

    Finest Journey of 2 Decades

    Has tapped every promising opportunity in the 2 decades to make it a super power in field

  • Career Path to 50K Students

    Career Path to 72K Students

    Supreme education services has offered best skills and placement to 1000s of aspirants

  • Crowning Accreditations

    Crowning Accreditations

    Collaboration with top Indian & International Univ. and NSDC brings in supreme education