Art Integrated Learning for Schools

With a responsibility to prepare young children for the future needs of the digital space and for them to succeed in every step they take, IMAGE launched Imageminds in 2011. It is the first-of-its-kind venture that imparts creative education to school children. It works in collaboration with schools and sets up its own Creative Labs to give the youth of today their introduction to the possibilities that the Digital Medium can offer. The Imageminds course works as an integrated component of every student's yearly syllabus, with the option of providing credit for their completion of each course.

Highlights of Imageminds:
  • Is established in numerous schools across India
  • Kickstarts the creative journey right in class 1
  • Makes creativity a practice
  • Fosters new aspirations in students
  • Introduces limitless career opportunities

Nurtured more than 1.9 laksh Students

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